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Chris Field

Chris Field, Los Angeles composer, songwriter, and musician.  Chris Field made his name as a film composer, but he did not score to picture.  Instead, Field developed a large body of music and licensed his music for film, and became one of the most successful film trailer composers ever.   Field wrote themes grounded in classical composition; he then hired orchestras to perfect "the art of the thirty second movie".  For his efforts, Chris Field was recognized by his peers as having started a new direction in cinematic music.  Field's piece "Acts of Courage" was released on the album, This Is Epic Music, Volume I, on Imperativa Records.  The album notes state that "Gothic Power", written by Field in 1999, started a new direction in cinematic music that came to be identified as Epic Music.  

On Field's new album, Beneath the Sun (2020), he has written new music, around the themes that proved so popular.  The music blends into your memories of films;  but by God, it is from the advertising -- called the film trailer -- for the movie.  It makes sense; film trailer music is designed to get the audience to choose and watch the film. It must inspire; entice, move, shake the heart.  And Field delivers; he makes everything sound so great and big.  "Time Will Tell", used for Kinsey, is a rush, a thrilling stolen moment.  "The Vision", used for Atonement, is the slow build of a moment's lifetime realization.  "The Journey" is derived from Field's music for the end title credits of the movie The Secret.  Field's newest pieces, "Metamorphosis", sun dappled "Summerland", subterranean "Interlude", the ever reaching "Beneath the Sun" stretch the boundaries of what is considered new age music. 

Field's extensive background in film music informs his approach to new age and instrumental music.  Field's music is classical, with beat, a filmic presentation of a feeling; his grasp of music is extensive, classical, rock, jazz, new age, all presented in a thrilling sonic mix.  A first rate producer, Field's music sounds so incredibly good.  It is all so believable.  The boundaries of reality collapse and one is in in a movie of their own making; the afternoon opens into Egypt.  The title track, Beneath the Sun, is a soaring bird, a hope, the truth for right now, four minutes long.  It is a magic castle, the hero come home, the estranged beloved, a thrilling story of requited love and resolved hope.  Chris Field Music is for forever. 

Chris Field's full credits and continuing work in the film trailer genre are referenced in part on his extensive Wikipedia page, including  This is Us, Valerian, Alice in Wonderland, Tomorrowland, X-Men, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneXXXAustin Powers in GoldmemberTerminator 3: Rise of the MachinesHotel RwandaKinseyPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. His first contribution to a film trailer was for the The Full Monty.

Chris also has written rock songs that have been licensed in film and television.  The song, "Movin'", written in 2015, was licensed for Orange is the New Black and Dirty John.  Chris continues to write music and songs for placement in all media.

Chris says, "I like a lot of things and just explore them.  I don't want to be pegged to one thing, it's too limiting.  I did a New Age symphonic album called Sub-Conscious and I am surprised by how large the market for new age music became.  I guess people are stressed out!  I am very proud of that work." 

Sub-Conscious, an award winning album, is an editor's pick and top seller in both Ambient and Neo-classical genres on cdbaby.  Sub-Conscious has sold countess times and has been licensed for cutting edge radio shows, films, and all other media. Click here for more on Sub-conscious and listen to the tracks.


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