Beneath the Sun

Chris Field

Chris Field, musician, made his name as a film composer. But he did not score to picture. Instead, Field licensed his music for film, and became one of the most successful film trailer composers ever. Field wrote themes grounded in classical composition; he then hired orchestras to perfect "the art of the thirty second movie". For his efforts, Chris Field was recognized by his peers as having started a new direction in film music.

On Field's new album, Beneath the Sun, he has written new music, around the the themes which proved so popular. The music blends into your memories of films; but by God, it is from the advertising of the movie. It makes sense; trailer music is designed to get the audience to see the film. It must inspire; be enticing, moving, heart shaking. Field makes everything sound so great and big. "Time Will Tell", licensed for Kinsey, is a rush, a thrilling stolen moment. "The Vision", used for Atonement, is the slow build of a moment's realization. "The Journey" is derived from Field's music for the end title credits of the movie The Secret.

Field's newest pieces, "Metamorphosis", sun dappled "Summerland", subterranean "Interlude", the ever reaching "Beneath the Sun", stretch the boundaries of New Age music. Credited for having contributed to the evolution of film music, Field now expands the edges of the New Age sound. This music is visual. It inspires the drama of action.

All things are possible. Any dream can come true. This music was written for you.

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